“CISM... helped me get back on the bike.”

  • Sam Pono
  • SFO

“I have relied on CISM as a source after an incident and also as a resource to help members cope with daily issues.”

  • Toby Hauck
  • ZAU

“ I absolutely agree. CISM helped me get back to working the boards.”

  • Blake Smith
  • RNO

“Removed from the facility, they (NATCA CISM) are an unbiased ear to listen.”

  • Mari Hart
  • SFO

“Heartfelt commitment with immeasurable value.”

  • Rosemary Katchmar
  • National EAP
  • Worklife Program Manager

“I strongly encourage its use when air traffic controllers need post-incident support.”

  • Terry Biggio
  • VP Air Traffic Services
  • ZBW Ops Manager
  • On Duty 9/11/2001

“Just hearing the other controllers... helped me process how I was feeling.”

  • Dan Sherritt
  • RNO
call OR TEXT: 202-505-CISM (2476) e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Statement

The NATCA CISM team provides confidential, nonjudgmental peer to peer support in the wake of stressful events to promote recovery following a difficult experience.

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